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  • Standard Rental Agreement
    (Terms and Conditions)


    1 A booking fee of 30% per vehicle is required to secure a booking
    All reservations must be confirmed with a 30% booking fee by cash, EFT or Credit Card. By making payment of your booking fee it is deemed that you have read, understood and agree to these terms and conditions. All payments are non-refundable in the event that the client cancels, changes their mind, or in the event of an epidemic, pandemic or government shutdown. A booking confirmation will be issued at the time of booking noting the booking fee has been paid. This booking fee will come off the total cost of your booking.

    2 The balance of the account
    The balance owing is required 30 days prior to the event. Payment of the booking fee is acceptance of the terms and conditions of the hiring of the service and an acknowledgement of responsibility and liability for the full balance due. All balances owed and not finalised will be charged to the hirer using the credit card provided at the time of booking.

    3 Hire agreements can only be made by persons aged 18 years of age or over
    The hiring customer will be held responsible for the conduct of all passengers within their party. Twilight Limousines reserves the right to terminate the charter immediately, without refund if passengers become unruly or abusive. Where a student under the age of 18 makes an enquiry for a school ball, a parent/guardian must enter into the agreement on the student’s behalf.

    4 All vehicles are non-smoking
    Should this condition be ignored the drivers are instructed to terminate the charter immediately, without refund if a member of your party smokes in the vehicle.

    5 Photographs
    Photography featuring the vehicles is permitted and the drivers will assist to position the vehicles as requested by the photographer. The drivers have the final decision on how the vehicles can or will be placed at a location.

    Photographs featuring the vehicles and event may be taken by Twilight Limousines drivers for promotional use by Twilight Limousines. Copyright for these images belongs to Twilight Limousines and they are available free of charge to the person responsible for the hire. Please note images taken by our drivers are amateur and low quality, we recommend that you hire a professional photographer for your event.

    6 Seat-belts and seating capacity
    As per the Western Australian Road Traffic Act 2008, all passengers in the vehicle must always wear the provided seat belts. The seating capacity of modern stretch limousines is based on the number of seat belts, spaced 400mm apart, installed in the vehicle and based on the average height and weight of an Australian male being 175cm tall and 86kg.

    7 Changes to the schedule
    Changes to a booking schedule can to be communicated to Twilight Limousines either verbally or email. Please ensure that all changes to the schedule are reflected in the final confirmation email you receive the week of your booking. Changes made in the week preceding the booking, after the drivers are scheduled, can lead to the confusion of duplicate instructions and are best avoided whenever possible.

    8 Final confirmation
    Final confirmation of the schedule is given to Twilight Limousines the week of the booking. If you require any changes to your booking please ensure you do so in writing via email. A follow up phone communication will be conducted by a member of Twilight Limousines to run through the agenda for confirmation a week prior to your booked service.

    9 Overtime rates
    In the case that the booking runs overtime due to client punctuality, charges of $88 per 15 mins or part thereof will apply. Overtime rates will not apply for unforeseen circumstances such as traffic. Running overtime can be a source of frustration for drivers who may have commitments following your booking, so we recommend that you build some time into your booking schedule for unexpected delays on the day. You, the hirer, agree that all follow up charges for overtime shall be charged to your credit card or by EFT.

    10 Damage and/or soiling of the cars
    PLEASE NOTE WE DO NOT ALLOW FOOD IN OUR VEHICLES & ALL VEHICLES ARE NON-SMOKING. Should this condition be ignored our driver is authorised to terminate the hire agreement immediately and a refund will not be offered under any circumstances. Damage or soiling of the cars caused by the party (including upholstery damage, spillage and soiling) will be charged to the hiring customer. You, the hirer, agree that all follow up charges for overtime or excessive soiling/cleaning shall be charged to your credit card or by invoice and EFT payment. The cleaning and sanitising fee for soiling is $200, damage at cost. Repair costs will be invoiced.

    11 In the event of an unforeseen accident or breakdown
    Twilight Limousines reserves the right to substitute an alternative vehicle to those booked. In the event of an unforeseen accident or breakdown before or during a booking, Twilight Limousines will not be held liable for compensation beyond the cost of the car hire for the specific vehicle and time not in service. We advise you to take out suitable wedding insurance in case something unforeseeable should disrupt or cause your wedding to be cancelled or postponed at the last minute. Sometimes, particularly on a Friday night, and even though we allow plenty of time, traffic doesn’t allow us to get to your pick up location on time. In this situation, we will do everything we can to make it up to you, but no refunds will be offered.

    12 School ball bookings
    It is an offence under the Liquor Control Act 1988 for any person to consume alcohol on board the vehicle when the purpose of the charter is a school-based function, regardless of whether the person consuming the alcohol is 18 years and above or not. Our drivers are authorised to terminate charters immediately if alcohol is being consumed and a refund will not be offered under any circumstances.

    13 Liquidated damages
    Any claim for liquidated damages, consequential loss or any other eventuality shall not be admissible. In all cases, the owners, operators and chauffeurs at Twilight Limousines maximum liability shall be limited to a full refund of monies paid pertaining only to the trip in question.

    14 Venue accessibility
    Due to the length of the our stretch limousines, access into some venues, suburban streets and driveways may be restricted and pickup/drop-offs at the front door may not be achievable. Drivers reserve the right to refuse passage to any venue that they deem unsafe to the vehicle or passengers.

    15 Quote Expiration
    The quote expires 30 days after the date of issue or at the discretion of Twilight Limousines management to the trip in question.