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  • Our Perth Limousine Hire travelled to Margaret River over the weekend providing our wonderful services to Hayley and Sam who both looked amazing, after collecting Hayley, dad (Craig) and her bridesmaids we headed off to the Laurence Winery for the ceremony, we turned on to the driveway making a grand entrance for her family and friends as we made our way to the winery. Hayley looked great and was really keen to see her man, the girls did a wonderful job ensuring she looked her best, our Twilight team were keen as to assist Hayley and I think just as excited.

    After the ceremony was completed our fantastic Wedding Photographers (Blakeney Photography) Stephen and Ros were taking some wonderful memories of the day before we headed to the private estate for some bridal party images. Everyone looked great, the colours blended well (Blue for the girls and grey for the boys) with the beautiful background in the barn, some food and drink would be needed before we headed off to the Watershed Winery we were held up for a period as the gates were closed on the private property which put our timing behind by an additional 15 minutes once we had the winery staff open the gates we were off once again on the way we made a short stop at Redgate Beach for a few beach images where the light and time (whilst behind time) provided some fantastic colours for Stephen and Ros to work with, not to mention our Bride and Groom.

    After the short stop we headed off to the Watershed for our final photo stop, our bridal party looked sweet as in amongst the vines, a number of images were captured and no time we were in gear and on the way to the front doors of the Watershed where we would say good bye to two wonder people Hayley and Sam as well as our Bridal Party who we enjoyed having on board.

    Thank you so much for allowing Twilight Limousines to share in your special wedding day.